Shaun Mehta

Who am I?

Whether on screen, in print or a verbal anecdote, I love a good story! It is this passion that compels me to write fiction!

Born and raised in Toronto, I spent my first 25 years on this planet complying to my family's expectations by attaining an Honours BBA at Wilfrid Laurier University, an International MBA at the Schulich School of Business, and suffocating in the corporate world. Each tie I wore felt like a noose.

Realizing that writing and teaching is what truly excited and motivated me,  I discarded my suits and acquired a Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto and a Creative Writing diploma at the Humber School of Writers.

Since then, I've tried to strike that delicate balance of making a living as a decent teacher, spending quality time with my family, and pursuing my love of creating engaging, entertaining fiction.

Frankly, mastering this balance continues to be a challenge --  but a challenge I wholeheartedly embrace!